Why did we develop the SPI-1 Technology?

Hello, my name is Rick Judson. I’m the Director of Learning Technology for SPI. I am responsible for all the technology platforms and integrations that we have, that we provide and work with for clients, and that we use internally for course development and client deployments.

Why did we develop the SPI-1 platform?

SPI has been in the sales training industry for about 25 years now. Technology has advanced and analytics, competencies, and other learning methodologies are advancing. With these changes, we realized it was time to market a tool and system to help our sellers and our clients’ managers learn how to implement and utilize sales training at a more advanced rate, easier and better.

The SPI-1 platform was developed to actually help implement that with people, to help with the process of learning our methodology. We wanted to help them learn how to change their behaviors – which is key – and help with ongoing advancement of their capabilities. Also, we wanted to help companies achieve the goals that they are striving for with their sales.

Who is SPI-1 intended to help?

SPI-1 is intended to help the whole company become better. It really zeros in on the seller and the sales manager. That’s really where the rubber hits the road, so to speak. We help the sellers to learn better and faster, and help with behavior change.

More importantly, we help managers coach the sellers with specifics around the knowledge or behavior change that they need. That’s unusual. Many platforms don’t necessarily help managers do their job better. It’s kind of up to the managers. However, in our case, we’re using the intelligence of the platform to help guide the managers with what they need to do to help their sales team.

What makes SPI-1 different from an LMS?

Learning management systems (LMS) is a subset of the SPI-1 platform. LMS are really targeted at helping to provide learning to people and managing learning activities. SPI-1 is actually a performance improvement platform. Starting with assessments, moving into learning and behavior change, tying that to business results, all in one platform -it’s really a sales performance improvement platform. It’s a totally different kind of platform from LMS. While companies may utilize an LMS for learning, this is really for organizations that want to effectively improve the performance of their sales teams.

Most organizations focus primarily on learning. Why isn’t that enough to improve performance?

Focusing only on learning is kind of like only getting to the 50-yard line in a football game. It doesn’t take you all the way into the end zone. The end zone, in this case, is where performance and behavior changes. You need the learning to be able to get partway there. However, unless you can integrate that and demonstrate that as a behavior change, you’re really not going to be able to achieve the kind of results that you want.

Behavior changes is intended to result in certain kind of performance differentiations, and certain changes in results. Learning is key, but it’s only half the game. If you want to get all the way, you have to learn how to change the behaviors to get the results that you want.

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