The 3 Keys To Identifying and Closing Sales Skill Gaps

Recently I had a conversation with an SVP of Sales Operations for an organization. One of the organization’s key challenges is that too few people are making quota. Their business plan had planned for about 65% of their team making quota, but they are only about 50%.

We talked about the situation and this is what I learned.

What They Were Doing

On the plus side, they have a common sales approach/methodology. But on the negative side, they’re not defining the competencies or skills necessary to execute that methodology. They’re missing role-based developments to develop those necessary skills. They also don’t consistently measure the skills of their sales team to identify gaps and take action to close them.

The Revenue-generating Arm

We’re talking about the revenue-generating arm of a company – identifying the closing sales skills gaps should be a top priority.

The companies that do it best, do three things:

  1. Define the competencies needed for each sales role through competency models
  2. Develop those competencies through role-based development plans
  3. Measure skills gaps against those competencies with periodic assessments

I’ve worked with a few organizations that have done this and have done it well. One of those organizations saw a 26% improvement in their productivity. They got very specific about the skills necessary to execute the way that they wanted to sell. Then they really focused on developing those skills and measuring deficiencies and had a plan for closing those gaps.

If you’d like to learn more about the 3 keys to identifying close sales skills gaps, please contact us at +1 (704) 227-6500 or email

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