Client Testimonial: TKE

My name is Juan Miguel Lahoz, or Juanmi, as I’m known in Thyssenkrupp. Now I’m head of modernisation in the field area of the global department of field, but I participate in the global sales training program that is called Eagle in our company. I’ve been in the company 19 years and I had different positions, plant manager, head of the sales office in Spain, and now more a strategic position but always focusing in sales. I would tell you that the market has changed a lot since last year. I wouldn’t say that we used to be bad, but we used to more or less do an easy sales path, after the time it has been a great, i wouldn’t say great, dangerous change and the market become more, much more tough, it becomes very difficult. This is why we realized we need to do something about it. We looked at the market, a lot of providers, we have to recognize, but in the end we saw SPI like the partner that could give us what we wanted.