Client Testimonial: Thyssenkrupp


My name is Elke Goliath, I work for Thyssen Krupp and my actual role is to be the Global Program Manager for our global sales training program we called Eagle.


What was the process in choosing a sales performance partner?


We started in 2014 to bring the responsible sales people of the entire organisation together just to make a decision, if we are on the same line, if we want to go the same way to integrate the sales program so sales has the same meaning for all over the world. So, it’s clear now, yes we needed it. Then we started the vendors selection. The main topic was that there are a lot partners all around the world offering trainings. What we were looking for was a little bit more than just training because to change sales, to change behaviour of people, to work another way, you need transformation. So, we needed a partner who could teach us globally with local languages, local trainers and offering training as a tool but even the change process of transformation, the transformation process of behaviour topics. After quite a long time and a couple of meetings SPI was the perfect partner for us.


What is it like working with SPI?


It’s easy, it’s really easy, It’s wonderful because SPI is much more than a vendor, with SPI you feel like partners, you feel like a joined-project-team independent of if they are working for us so they help us, they understand us. They go with us during the whole journey and we really appreciate that, we are really grateful of that.


How are you working with SPI?


We created together with SPI and implemented for all the field people all over the world so from the technician to the sales manager, the design and the content of the training. We had different expert workshops, always together with SPI, we selected the trainers together then we had a big management workshop to get the buy-in of all over the world executive parts of our business units. SPI is helping us creating stakeholder management. Everything related to the project SPI is part of it.


What impact have you realized from working with SPI?


Not only a small impact, it’s a big impact. We already started with the implementation of the 1 year or 9 months design and conception of the implementation of Eagle. The SPI people stand beside us like a shadow, like a partner and have gone all the way with us. That means also that we invite them for other meetings like leadership conference and regional forums, introduce them to the other business units and business areas and the whole Thyssenkrupp family because they have a huge knowledge. The impact is also to make our life easier and to bring the buy-in of the people around the world for this program.