Client Testimonial: Sheryl Upkes – PerkinElmer



What was it about SPI and Solution Selling that led you to select us?

So, the reason we chose Solution Selling and SPI is because we wanted a methodology that was logical, that really did take the customer through their buyer journeys and having sales stages and selling processes aligned to that. And also, we really wanted to work with a vendor who had a global presence and we found that SPI had both of those.

What benefits and results have you achieved since working with SPI?

The benefits I think that we found so far, it’s been early on in the implementation, but the benefits we have seen is having a common language amongst our different sellers. We have different selling roles, we have insight sales, we have sales specialist, we have account managers, we have sales managers, and enabling them to all speak the same language has been really beneficial. Additionally, we have seen a more accurate forecasting, because we can really see what a clear definition of where an opportunity is within the pipeline.