Client Testimonial Philips Lighting

My name is Andy Kauffmann, I’m working for Philips Lighting since a couple of years as a Sales Excellence Manager, and since the last year I’m responsible for combining sales and marketing processes and coaching Managers to getting better and perform better.

We started in 2014 as the train the trainer approach to build competences within our company, and then we rolled out, we called that costumer focus selling, but it is at least solution selling, with a PPPVC formula. Direct with in this approach we also introduced and so we combine these two to make a real sales process out of this, with the target to move from product sales to system and servcies, what we call solution selling. What we saw is a little bit the challenge that we, once we trained the people, need to really to get them doing this stuff and get them really onboard. So, the first result we had in moving faster in businesses, so opportunity were getting faster, we are losing a couple of costumers while deciding to let them go and focusing on bigger and more profitable sales. The third thing is that we really saw the need to engage on a higher level, as we call that c-level, so using just or example the key player list and the pain chain makes very clear that we need to engage on a higher level.