Client Testimonial: Mike Girone – Agilent Technologies

What was it about SPI and Solution Selling that led you to select us?

Great question, so, you were actually selected about 5 years ago and, transparently, before my time. But we actually went through a pretty rigorous evaluation process looking at what we wanted to become in terms of the way we approach sales, and who was really the best partner that was out there to help us. The methodology and the process were certainly one of the key decision factors, quite frankly the other one, being a global organization with sales all around the world, we needed somebody that was scalable, we needed somebody that we could partner with who could really be with us all along the way in every region that we sell. And so those are some of the key reason why we chose SPI.

What benefits and results have you achieved since working for SPI?

I think the key benefit is really causing a shift in the way we approach our selling processes. We are a company of engineers, chemists, biologists, scientists, pretty technical people that like to talk about technical things, all the time, and what solution selling drives us to do is really changing the conversation to be more of a business conversation. Not so much the features and benefits and the specification of our products, with our customers, but what’s the value, what can we do, what doour solution help customers do, you know, we’re driving to give trusted answers and insights that really improve the quality of life everywhere in the world. And if we are going to do that, they don’t need to know the speed on which analysis can be done, that’s a feature that’s great, but what’s the real value to the costumers. Solution Selling helps our reps think through that and cool that out and have that conversation in the sales cycle.