Client Testimonial: Kathryn Hughes, Axway

Hi, I’m Kathryn Hughes, I’m director of global Sales Enablement for Axway. We are a large, global integration organization, we do enablement integration and digital integration and digital enablement.

How are you working withSPI?

We’ve been an SPI client for the last two years, two and a half years roughly. We SPI we’ve done quite a bit, we engaged with SPI early on and create a curriculum specific to our sales process and our sales methodology, adopting strategy in house as well as the best principles through SPi. So we created an e-learning module that we deployed internally as part of our on-boarding program for all of our new hires to go through. We’ve also done workshops globally, many of those for new hire on-boarding, for management and management coaching and for ongoing employee development. We’ve gone through with myself actually being the person doing the certification, we’ve gone through a full certification process in the methodology and principles and we have that in place internally to help in guiding our strategy.

Why did Axway choose SPI and Solution Selling?

We engaged with SPI within Axway at the direction and guidance of a new head of our global sales organization. He, along with several other members of our team, had used SPI in our former company and embraced that sales methodology and had success, so with Axway we were needing to setup a new process to reply on a global basis. And since the proven success previously, that was the technology we embraced and the principle that we than brought in and tailored to fit in Axway personalized methodology and process.

What benefits have you realized from working with SPI?

Some of the benefits we’ve seen from working with SPI is more consistency in how we manage our accounts, consistency in how we report and consistency in how we track pipeline. Ability for reps to more rapidly identify where they are in the opportunity, if it is an opportunity worth pursuing or not. It’s just brought a difference dimension to our organization we were really looking forward to adoption and the increases we get further along and the process, to be enabled to track longer and do better predictions of our annual growth from year to year.

What is like working with SPI?

For me SPI is like working with an extension of our team, almost an extension of family if you will. It’s a group of people who worked together with you for common goal, their willing to personalize, bring their expertise and help mould it to fit the needs you have within your own organization, that we had within ours. I can’t speak highly enough of the SPI Staff, they’re all phenomenal to work with and very sharp, know what they’re talking about and yet malleable, and adapted enough to apply to a specific organization.

What advice would you have for others similar to you?

Speaking from being two years into a sales transformation if you will, a process, and what I can say and share with you is, try things, adapt, be persistent, be strong, it’s not gonna happen overnight, it will happen. Provide, bring in force and encourage, be the champion and be the cheerleader for your organization and engage heavily with your executive management and the management team for their support in driving throughout the sales organization but also within the marketing organization, the executive staff, throughout the entire organization for the mass success.