Client Testimonial: Jen Burns, Hobsons

I’m Jen Burns, I’m director of Sales Enablement with Hobsons. With Hobsons we are an education technology company, spending the life cycle of the students from elementary to graduation at college.

Why did you need a sales methodology in your organization?

We searched out a methodology provider because our sales organization is growing rapidly, and we needed to have a formalized structure and foundation to enable them to follow a sales process and also to ensure that we can have greater engagement and consultancy with our customer and prospect phase. As we looked to change the way we were perceived in the marketplace.

What did you look for in a sales methodology provider?

It was very important for us when sourcing a methodology provider to find someone and a solution and platform that really was a best fit for our organization in the market we were selling into, and it was very important for us to have a methodology that focuses very much on building strong relationships forming a consultancy based sales organisation that we can then bring to the education market and have greater and stronger conversations with our prospects and customers.

Why did you choose SPI and Solution Selling?

The reason we selected sales performance international solution selling is because it really provides our sales organizations with a strong process and foundation for selling skills so ensuring that we can scale up our sales professionals to be true trusted advisors in the marketplace, but also gives us a very strong foundation for process. There’s a lot of methodologies out there that do one or the other, and solution selling really, I think best fits us from both perspectives and that’s why we selected them.

How would you describe SPI as a partner?

SPI has been a tremendous partner for Hobson from the very beginning, we have never instituted a sales methodology within our organization,so we were really going through these process from the ground up, and their consultancy and teamwork and partnership throughout the process has really ensured success for us, not only as we implemented the solution but also as we continued to evolve it, make it stronger and more applicable and relevant for our sales organization.

What advice would you have for others similar to you?

So, the first piece of advice I would give any organization looking to invest in a methodology is: absolutely do it. It is essential to the success of a sales organizations, it enhances performance and it gives any seller a very structured way of approaching their business, whether it is a new business person or an account manager individual, so it is a necessity without question. Secondly, in terms of looking for a provider, it’s very important that the solution and platform fits into the culture, there are a lot of methodologies out there that, you know, give different approaches to the market, and I think it’s important that it fits your market, your sellers, your culture and those are I think things that ultimately drive success and adoption of the methodology within your organization and the impact that it has on the customers, most importantly.

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