Client Testimonial: Genevieve Vega, Avnet Technical Solutions

My name is Genevieve Vega, and I work for Avnet. Avnet is the world largest technology distributor and we work in a channel, we’re in over 80 countries and we distribute a wide variety of technology products. We’ve been an SPI client for six years now.

Why did your company need a sales methodology and training?

So, initially we had a big change in the organization, we were changing the way we were presenting ourselves to our market, and when we decided to make that change in the industry we said that team that was going to deliver that message was going to be the sales organization, and we came to realize that the sales team was not speaking the same language. And we realize we needed a methodology that would unify our sales organization, so that they could speak the same language and approach our customers the same way. And that’s really what let us search to find a sales training company that we could work with, that would help us have more consultative sales conversation, that could help us with the change management of going through that transformation and also help align our marketing organization.

Why did you choose SPI?

We chose SPI for several reasons: one was the global reach, we’re a global company and seeing that there might be opportunity to expand in other region is really important for us, so that was one major component. Also, the change management, like I mentioned, it was something that was really important to us, that we have a way to help transform our organization instead of just deliver training, so that was another piece. And also, the marketing alignment, knowing that you have a solution messaging practice and offering to align the sales and marketing team was really compelling to us.

What impact has SPI had on your organization?

The results we’ve achieved, the biggest thing I can say that has been a benefit to our organization is that common language, the fact that people in different groups and with different tenures and under different leaders can speak that same language and they can talk to each other about where are we in the sales process, what verifiable outcomes have you completed, that kind of thing has been really helpful to just align our sales team. That’s probably the biggest thing that we’ve seen, and I would also say the depth of conversations our sales employees have with their customers, asking the questions, being more consultative and really uncovering business issue that we can solve has been tremendous, and that’s just a part of our changing dynamic in our industry.

What advice can you offer organizations in your situation?

Two things I think could be really helpful: one is really understand the methodology to really be able to coach the coaches and be able to assess a situation a salesperson might have, and work with that person sales leader to be able to get their salesperson through that process, I think that’s really key. And that just comes with understanding the methodology inside and out, that’s a key piece. I think, also related to that, is understanding how the methodology works in your organization, so we’ve done some modification based on our industry and the way our business run, that’s a very key thing, to be able to not just take that out of the box training and deliver that but really make it work for your organization. I think that’s another piece I can’t stress enough.