Client Testimonial: April Cole – MasterCard

What was it about SPI and Solution Selling that led you to select us?

So, I would say for me, it’s really around the partnership with our account person Andy Smith and really helping MasterCard to customize the SPI content to fit our need. So, when I think about our sales organisation globally dispersed, we are servicing all types of customers segments from merchants, to governments, to issuers, to acquirers, and so having that flexibility to be able to take that core foundation of sales process and make it fit for purpose, so that it’s applicable to all those different roles, all those different regions, all those different mindsets, has been really valuable for me.

I think also the regional nuances that I would say that SPI facilitators are second to none of really understanding how the local market dynamics happen, what the local customers practices are that has really allowed us to have a lot of credibility. When we say we gonna deliver a sales training in Dubai for example, those facilitators will understand the customs, the practices, the procedures and so it’s really been valuable for us.So,I would say just the global reach and the knowledge of the facilitators and for me personally being able to customize several key initiatives has been really valuable.