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Client Testimonial: Mike Girone – Agilent Technologies

Watch the Video to see how SPI helped Agilent Technologies change their seller’s conversations from features to value.

Client Testimonial: Barco

Watch the video to see how Barco worked with SPI to transform sales communication across their global sales teams.

Client Testimonial: April Cole – MasterCard

Watch the video to see how Mastercard used SPI’s team and core methodology to create customized content for their global teams in different markets.

Client Testimonial Philips Lighting

Watch the video to see how Philips Lighting uses Solution Selling through SPI to train their sales team from the management teams down to entry level sales people.

Client Testimonial: Mölnlycke

Watch the video to see how Sales Performance International has helped Mölnlycke build a training program to improve their sales team’s capabilities.

Client Testimonial: SIG Combibloc

Watch the video to see how Sales Performance International has helped SIG Combibloc improve their way of selling for a better alignment with the market.

Client Testimonial: Bob Almer API Group

Watch the video to see how the API group used Solution Selling® to unify the sales language and gain 10% in sales.

Client Testimonial: TKE

Watch the video to see how Thyssenkrup uses SPI’s Solution Selling program to keep up with an ever-changing marketplace.

Population Health and the New Sales Paradigm

“No outcome, no income,” says Dr. David Nash, founding dean of the nation’s first graduate school of population health. He joins Brad Ansley of SPI Health to explore the emergence of population health and the implications for healthcare suppliers. They cover the buyer’s perspective on changing health system needs, shared-risk contracting and new selling dynamics.

Does Sales Add Value in Healthcare

Regulatory change and industry consolidation have lead pharma companies to shrink their sales teams by 20% or more. This causes many to ask “Are healthcare sales representatives providing value in today’s healthcare environment”?

Are Pharmaceutical Makers Becoming Outcomes Companies

“Everyone in the U.S. [pharmaceutical industry] is, if not contemplating, actively taking strategic efforts to either mitigate and/or attempt to bear the risk,” says Dr. Ploszay whose team leads global efforts to leverage digital disruption as an organic and inorganic growth opportunity.

Establishing a Unified Sales Process Workshop

At #LTEN2018 Sales Performance International and Philips Healthcare hosted an interactive workshop led by Director of SPI Health, Brad Ansley, SPI Senior Sales Consultant Nick Maslanka and Mandy Dunnuck, Director, Leadership Development & Selling Skills at Philips. Learn how SPI helped Philips establish a unified sales process across an entire sales organization in just 12 months.

Client Testimonial: Anton Paar

Watch the video to see how Anton Paar uses SPI’s Solution Selling program to help their sales representatives ramp up faster.

Client Testimonial: Philips Healthcare

Watch the video to see how we helped the Philips team.

Client Testimonial: Thyssenkrupp

We started in 2014 to bring the responsible sales people of the entire organisation together just to make a decision, if we are on the same line, if we want to go the same way to integrate the sales program so sales has the same meaning for all over the world.

Client Testimonial: Smurfit Kappa

Most external third parties tell you a lot about what and why but what I liked about SPI was the focus on how. So really putting in the key enablers, a process structured methodology, a process for success, that focused on value. The fit seemed very complementary to what we were looking for.

Enable Effective and Efficient Sales Execution in a World of Hyper-Change

Adapt your sales process models with “playbook” technology

Client Testimonial: David Hughes, Longview Solutions

Watch the video to see how we helped the Longview Solutions sales team with a repeatable sales process.

Client Testimonial: Jen Burns, Hobsons

Click the link to see how SPI helped the Hobsons Sales team gain greater engagement.

Client Testimonial: Kathryn Hughes, Axway

Click the link to see how SPI helped Axway create a specific learning experience for their teams and new hires.

Client Testimonial: Genevieve Vega, Avnet Technical Solutions

Click the link to see how the SPI team helped Avnet’s Global sales team speak the same language and implement a repeatable sales process.

Client Testimonial: Joe Fenn, HP

Watch the video to see how the SPI team helped the Global HP team enable their team members to develop strategy and develop sales skills.

Client Testimonial: Sheryl Upkes – PerkinElmer

Watch the video to see how SPI’s buyers journey and selling process helped Perkin Elmers Global team to Outperform.

Client Testimonial: Steve Monroe, Meridian Software

Watch the video to see how partnering with SPI helped Meridian align marketing and sales team and implement a repeatable, measurable sales process.

Client Testimonial: Becton Dickinson

Watch the video to see how the team over at Becton Dickinson partnered with SPI and built an innovated relationship centered solution for their team.

Client Testimonial: Raymond Ivory – Blackbaud

Watch the video to see how Blackbaud worked with Sales Performance International to build their sales process.

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