SPI Client Success Story: Physio-Control

Brandi Hricik is the Pan American Sales Training Manager for Physio-Control, Inc, a division of Stryker.

What were the key business issues you faced?

Our journey with Sales Performance International (SPI) started about three years ago. We were faced with some pretty aggressive growth expectations, so we wanted to take a proactive approach and evaluate how we could get ahead of the game. One of these issues involved double-digit growth in our sales projections in the next year.

Why did you choose SPI?

After an exhaustive search of many vendors, we selected SPI as our partner because of their ability to lead us through the process and the flexibility to work and make this process our own. I’m happy to say after that first year, yes, we were able to accomplish our goal of double-digit growth. As I’m sure you can imagine, nothing stays the same. Each year, our goals increased and we have been able to stay in line with our growth.

Did you tailor Solution Selling® to make it specific to Physio-Control, Inc?

Tailoring the program to Physio-Control is a key objective of ours. What we were able to accomplish was looking at the elements that fit. Then, we designed those within an object that we had to make this a Physio-Control way of selling.

Part of our own internal branding was to make this something that would last above and beyond just the implementation. We put the biggest and greatest minds of our company together and came up with our branding, which is LEAD: Listen, Evaluate, Align, and Deliver, which we felt really comprised the elements of Solution Selling.

What are your different business units?

At Physio-Control, we have three primary business units, or market segments: hospital, pre-hospital, and workplace in the community.

It was critical that we tailor this to each division/business unit so that they would have tools that they could apply immediately, post-training. We worked with Sales Performance International to build three specific sets of tools so that each team member would have a set of tools reflecting how they would communicate with their customers.

How did you tie marketing into the training? Why was it important?

That’s a great question. It was so critical that we employ multiple parts of our business into the program for success. Let me start by saying that our sales executives were the key sponsors in this and driving it. This was not only from a sales perspective.

It started with our president and CEO, VP of Sales, VP of Marketing, and VP of Service. Each of those teams was an integral part of our training. Upon implementation, we had all those teams interspersed with our sales team members. An outcome of the training was that each team could collaborate and have a mutual gain.

How did you expand into other geographies with Lead Solution Selling®?

We knew from the beginning that this would be a global initiative. We decided to start in Pan America. However, we wanted to expand this into Europe shortly after. One of the main challenges we had was delivering the program in multiple languages.

Fortunately, SPI has offices in Europe, as well as multiple facilitators who speak multiple languages. The benefit to us is that we were able to offer the program as our own LEAD Solution Selling®, but in the local languages, which really resulted in a strong uptick or uptake in each team member’s response.

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