SPI-1: The Future of Sales Effectiveness Explained in 3 Minutes

What if there was a radically better, smarter, faster way to improve the overall performance of your sales organization? What if it was possible to see a clear, complete view of how well your sales organization is equipped to be successful?

Now you can. With SPI-1, there is a completely new way to see critical competency levels by role across the entire sales organization. What if you could see, at a glance, where key knowledge and behavior gaps exist for your sales team, and then rapidly close those gaps with focus and precision?

Now you can. SPI-1 provides a complete competency based library of learning and activation plans that allow you to precisely address key competency requirements for your team. What if you could provide a clear path to mastery for sales excellence, tailored to the unique roles of your sales organization? Now you can. SPI-1 maps out a clear, 4-level path for becoming an expert in more than 25 essential sales competencies.

What if your sales team could apply new learning with easy visual guidance to accelerate field application? Now you can. SPI-1 process playbooks guide and reinforce salespeople every step of the way, provide context-based learning, and even include smart apps to help with key techniques.

What if both managers and salespeople received instant alerts on potential issues with their pipelines as specific opportunities? Now they can. SPI-1 monitors your sales pipeline for potential issues and risks, and even your individual opportunities, so that you can stay ahead of any potential surprises.

What if all these capabilities were included in a single unified platform that seamlessly integrates with your CRM environment, and provides complete visibility for how investments and learning and development are impacting key sales outcomes?

Learn more by visiting www.myspi1.com

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