2 days Training
For Who
Sales professionals that compete in complex opportunities
Instructor-led training
Instructor-led training in 20 languages and e-learning in 7 Languages
Strategic Opportunity Selling

A program that helps sales professionals develop effective plans to win complex opportunities characterized by committee decisions, longer sales cycles, and large strategic value for both the seller and the customer.

what sales PROFESSIONALS learn:
  • How to qualify complex opportunities
  • Ways to uncover strategic issues that cause buyers to act
  • Techniques to build preference with executives early
  • How to build value by linking solutions to customers’ strategic imperatives
  • How to analyse the customer’s political decision-making process
  • Techniques for creating resource plans for complex opportunities
key business outcomes:
  • Higher win rates
  • Shorter sales cycles
  • Fewer stalled opportunities
  • Improved resource utilisation; lower cost of sales
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