Sales Performance Improvement Trends for 2018 and Beyond: Making Personalized Development a Priority for Retention and Motivation

We asked Sales Performance International executives and consultants what kind of changes we can expect to see for the sales profession in the coming new year and compiled their perspectives and opinions in our eBook, “Sales Performance Improvement Trends for 2018 and Beyond”.

Julia Hienzsch is SPI’s Operations Manager in Europe.

What major trend do you see in your area of sales or learning performance expertise?
Learning and personal development have become much more important for employees. In some cases, it is their main motivator for joining and staying with a company – even more than financial rewards.

What is causing this trend?
People do not expect to stay in one job or with one company for their whole life anymore. With globalization, people have more choice. The best people will gravitate to the best employers. Resources such as Glassdoor provide tremendous insight into a company from an employee’s perspective.

What opportunities or threats does the trend pose for businesses and sales organizations?
Organizations that offer employees significant personal development opportunities will attract and retain good people, possibly at lower total payroll budget than peers. Creating a workforce of capable, loyal employees will benefit the organization especially in a fast-changing environment. On the other hand, organizations that don’t invest in their people will suffer. They will have to replace employees who leave continually, deal with uncertainty and errors through onboarding, and cost and frustration when the cycle continues.

In light of the trend, what advice do you have for business and sales leaders?
Don’t underestimate the value of learning and personal development to the employee. Create personal development plans and offer your people support and encouragement to see those development activities through to completion. Create a culture of coaching and continuous improvement. Identify high-potential future leaders and highly skilled professionals whom you want to keep, and allocate budget to develop them to their fullest potential.

Download our eBook “Sales Performance Improvement Trends for 2018 and Beyond” today!

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