The Major Account Planning Program and Process is a structured, repeatable approach that allows you to look at your accounts with a “customer-centric”, strategic lens. This lens will enable you to gain better insight into:
1- Your customer’s business drivers
2- Their key initiatives
3- The relationships you have & should have
4- A structured  plan to gain greater mindshare and a larger footprint


  • Capture Critical Information about the Account: We help account teams to objectively evaluate the account, its structure, and political landscape to support the creation of a solid strategy to grow and/or protect business within the account. 
  • Analyze the Account: By analyzing the account through different “lenses” account teams can identify areas of focus by understanding what the account is trying to achieve, thus ensuring full alignment of objectives.
  • Define Your Gap: Visualize your gap based on your revenue goals versus current, recurring, and potential opportunities within the account, to ensure you know what it takes to be successful within the account.
  • Identify and Prioritize Potential Business: By bringing the account’s structure, their initiatives, and your offerings together, we help account teams to identify additional areas of revenue (White Space) within the account, which can then be prioritized for pursuit. 
  • Execution Planning: We bring the plan to life through a concrete execution plan with specific actions and events to move the account planning process forward.
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