Sellers and Managers

The Challenge: Following sales training, sellers and managers are typically left with the task of applying new approaches on an ad hoc basis, with no on-the-job reinforcement and technology assistance.

Our enablement technology provides both Sellers and Managers with intelligent, automated assistance in applying newly learned methods and skills consistently – which drives actual behavior change and improved outcomes.


  • Understanding Key Players: We help sellers quickly capture the Key Contacts in an opportunity and track the most critical business issues for each Key Player.
  • Mastering the Art of the Conversation:  Conversation Genius™ provides an innovative game that ensures sales professionals have a “reflexive” ability to conduct expert conversations with buying sponsors (across specific industries and roles).
    Learn more about Conversation Genius™.
  • Preparing for a Consultative Conversation:  We can enable sellers to master the art of Consultative Sales Conversations. Based on industry and role, sellers have instant access to marketing approved pains, reasons, questions to ask, and simple ways to convey key capabilities that address the buyer’s situation. 
  • Confirming the Sales Conversation and Gaining Agreement to Move Forward:   We help sellers engage buyers so they take action by providing tailored follow-up responses throughout the sales cycle. Key elements of the conversation prompter are automatically populated. Sellers can pick from various letter styles to align with their buyer.
  • Creating a Collaborative Plan with Your Buyer:  We help you apply a proven strategy to win each opportunity by building and sharing a mutually agreed upon plan with buyers.


  • Data-driven Opportunity Coaching:  We help managers objectively evaluate an opportunity and provide input for advancing the sales opportunity and creating a plan to win:  Opportunities are graded on critical success criteria and provide a clear path for coaching, and a common “language” for sellers and managers.  
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