At Sales Performance International, we measure our success by how well our clients achieve their desired sales results.  To that end, we provide expert services to ensure that improvement initiatives drive desired outcomes.    Each of these services is designed to help align the investment in sales development with goals of the organization, and to integrate new practices into the fabric of the business.

SPI approaches each sales performance improvement project as an organizational change management process, organized into distinct phases, with clear success criteria in each phase, as follows:

  • Align: ensure that the goals and objectives of the sales improvement project are congruous with the company’s growth strategy, and that the project is staffed with the talent and resources required to succeed.
  • Assess: identify the sales team’s current state, the ideal state, critical performance gaps, and then develop plans to realize desired outcomes
  • Develop: transfer required knowledge of effective practices, methods and tools required to attain the desired sales performance improvement goals
  • Perform: raise mastery of effective practices by monitoring observable behaviors in the sales team, and reinforcing adoption and application in real-world selling situations
  • Analyze: measure and evaluate the success of the initiative, and align organizational systems and practices to ensure ongoing success

With this model, SPI can enable clients to achieve consistently high quality results, and more rapidly. In addition, it provides clients with an effective implementation of improved practices, methods and tools, which make a sustainable difference in business results, long after the initial project.

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