Sales 3.0 Conference Keynote

Rewriting the Sales Transformation Playbook

According to a KPMG/Forbes Insight survey (Link), 82 percent of CEOs worry that their company’s current products or services will be irrelevant to customers in less than three years. Rapid innovation, shrinking product life cycles, and increased globalization is increasing the number of competitive alternatives and threats.

To keep pace with this accelerating pace of change, businesses have turned to more agile approaches to strategy, business models and organizational development.  As a result, sales is being forced to adapt more frequently and rapidly. However, sales agility remains a daunting challenge for most companies. Sales organizations need a new transformation approach that fits the rapid pace of business – and enhances the odds of success.

In the upcoming Sales 3.0 Conference in Las Vegas Tim Sullivan, VP at Sales Performance International, will explore a fresh perspective on rewriting the playbook for sales transformation to align with a world of accelerating change, and present a model for an adaptive, agile salesforce.  At the heart of this groundbreaking presentation is the introduction of the A3 framework, which applies a modern, technology-enabled approach for adapting sales organizations to rapidly changing business requirements.

a3 framework

The following video provides a brief preview to this conceptual framework.

In today’s world of hyper-change 70% of CxO’s are apprehensive about their company’s ability to compete in two years.

The sales organization is under constant pressure to adapt – from more rapid speed of change in both internal and external environments.  More rapid product innovation drives development of new markets, more frequent product launches, and shrinking product life cycles.

Businesses are changing themselves more rapidly than ever as well. Internal change increases as more organizations adopt agile approaches to strategy, business models, and organizational development.

B2B sales organizations are now pressured simultaneously on two sides –  the need for constant transformation to address internal and external disruption – coupled with a five year decline in quota attainment.

Sales leadership faces an increasingly daunting combination of time pressures and complexity.  Sales leaders need to address success factors that are in a state of continual change, and quickly determine where capability gaps exist and how to close them.  

While the need to adapt sales is not an option, transformation initiatives remain a daunting challenge for most organizations. Sales organizations need a transformation approach that fits the rapid pace of business change – and changes the odds of success.

Rewriting the transformation playbook requires a fresh perspective that is aligned with a world of rapid change – and both organizational and individual perspectives need to be considered.  

Organizations need to adapt improvement investments to the needs of both the business and the individual – then apply agile techniques to focus and rapidly develop high impact capabilities. By simultaneously capturing development and performance data, organizations can apply analytics and AI on information “loops” to drive improvement.

To optimize capability development, sales organizations need to apply data-driven models that align high impact competencies with specific growth strategy goals.  To apply this approach requires highly modular learning and development content libraries.  

When high impact competencies, organizations can focus on building real competency mastery through agile LEARN>PRACTICE>APPLY>COACH loops.  Risk is also radically reduced by tracking outcomes incrementally and changing course where needed.

Every learner needs their own personalized path to mastery – using dynamic assessments ensures that  participants interact only with the developmental content they need.

AI enabled personalization significantly improves engagement, increases knowledge transfer, and reduces time-to-proficiency by creating a personalized experience that remediates in real time for the learner.

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