The Solution-Centric Organization

The Solution-Centric Organization provides a comprehensive framework for moving companies from a product/price and commodity orientation to a successful, solution-centric approach that includes sales, marketing, communication, and basic thinking! If you are successful, you will be imitated. After all, success breeds competition as surely as night follows day. As a result of this intense competitive scenario, companies have to really become solutions providers as a means to de-commoditize their offerings and provide a clear and quantifiable linkage to customer value. The Solution-Centric Organization takes executives and managers step by step through:

  1. A New Sales Environment provides the rationale for transforming a company into a solution-centric organization, fully describing the emerging emphasis on solution-centricity, the growing trend in solutions focus, and common reactions to sales performance problems in business today.
  2. Solution-Centric Concepts and Principles explains the essentials of solution-centricity and how to embrace them, exploring the implications for sales, the kinds of organizational transformations needed to become solution-centric, and the dangers of “pseudo solutions.”
  3. A Practical Framework to Drive Performance Improvement offers a systemic approach for aligning marketing and sales functions to support solution-centric behavior and integrate those activities to improve revenue generation.
  4. Sales Performance Health Check presents a methodology for assessing where systemic factors have a negative impact on overall sales performance, featuring objective assessment criteria for each of 24 performance areas and numerous templates and tools for understanding customer problems and required solutions.

“Until now, integrating solution-centric thinking throughout the organization (to support the solution focus) has been left to individual sales professionals and their managers. The Solution-Centric Organization provides a jumpstart for building a significant sustainable, solution-centric advantage.”

John A. Weber
Associate Professor of Marketing
University of Notre Dame

Co-authored by Keith Eades, Founder and CEO, and Robert Kear, Chief Marketing Officer of Sales Performance International (SPI), a company that has trained thousands of senior managers in the principles of Solution Selling,® this business-building resource provides an innovative, practical approach to transform from an internal, product-focused organization to an organization that is completely aligned to better solve customers’ real problems and needs, and thereby differentiates itself from the competition.