Datasheet: Solution Selling® Sales Training Program

Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era (SS-TCE) is a highly interactive training program for sales professionals, based on findings of buyer behavior research published in the best-seller Book, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

Designed to keep the customer as the focus of every sales engagement, this program enables selling professionals to substantively increase win rates and revenue production by:

  • Providing higher and differentiating value to buyers – not only by what they sell, but more importantly, by how they engage with customers
  • Aligning effectively with buyers at every stage of their purchase decision process
  • Understanding the critical business issues or potential missed opportunities faced by customers, and providing valuable insight for addressing those issues
  • Engaging transparently with buyers throughout the buying process
  • Co-creating valuable solutions with buyers
  • Collaborating as equals with buyers throughout the selling process, and advising them effectively and efficiently to a good buying decision and business outcome

Download the datasheet to learn more about the program and its topical agenda.

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