Datasheet: Solution Selling® for Inside Sales

Solution Selling for Inside Sales (SSIS) is based on the award-winning Solution Selling® methodology, adapted to address the specific needs of salespeople selling over the telephone and/or using collaborative interaction technology. SSIS provides sales processes and activities tailored for either or both inbound and outbound inside selling, and addresses the specific types of sales situations faced by inside sales professionals (i.e., tele-prospecting, transactional sales, add-on sales, complex solutions, and/or customer issue resolution). 

Always tailored to the specific needs of individual inside sales teams, SSIS enables sellers to:

  • Apply relevant tactics and methods for creating demand
  • Identify customers’ business problems
  • Educate buyers on how to solve their problems
  • Validate or enhance existing buyer visions of solutions
  • Create new value for customers
  • Collaborate more effectively with buyers

Download the datasheet to learn more about the program and its topical agenda.

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