Brief: Sales Training Does Not Equal Sales Performance

Investments in Sales Training and Enablement are Rising as Quota Attainment Declines

A global leader in sales training and performance improvement for nearly 30 years, at Sales Performance International (SPI), we’ve reached the conclusion that sales organizations need to fundamentally re-think their approach to performance improvement initiatives.


In the United States alone the annual spend on corporate sales training is estimated to be at least three billion dollars. Yet, in spite of these investments—and billions more invested in sales technology—annual quota attainment is on a five-year decline. In fact, a recent HubSpot study of 200 enterprise organizations concluded that some $66 billion spent on overall sales enablement has resulted in no major productivity increases.

Clearly, some companies have realized improved sales effectiveness and positive business outcomes from investment in professional development for sales people.  But overall, the bottom line (literally) is that training investments are not resulting in the type of behavior changes that drive  measurable outcomes.

With the help of integrated technology, it is now possible to apply a rational, data-driven approach for continuous sales improvement in your organization.

To learn more, download the executive brief Sales Training Does Not Equal Sales Performance.

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