Radical Sales Transformation: Rewriting the Playbook

70% of CxO’s are
“extremely concerned” or “somewhat concerned”
as to whether their company will still be relevant
and competitive in two years (Forbes Insights)


Sales organizations find themselves in a world that seems increasingly unstable and less predictable.  Highly informed buyers, globalization, technology disruption, and a myriad other factors have created a world of transient advantage.  A key indicator of an increasingly disruptive business climate is that the average tenure of a sales leader is less than two years.


You Might Not Have Time to “Transform” Sales
Sales leaders now face the dual challenge of creating an overall “framework” of consistent, predictable selling while simultaneously addressing their organization’s ability to react effectively to the increasing pace of change. Learning to apply agile techniques to professional competency development can reduce the risk of lengthy improvement initiatives and provide results feedback in months versus years.


Rewriting the Transformation Playbook with A3
Learn how to create a highly adaptive, agile, AI-enabled sales organization that can deliver  “six-month wins” for sales – through rapid talent development in a focused set of high impact capabilities.  This timely white paper explores a new framework for sales transformation investments that can keep pace with today’s accelerating business environment.
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