How to Use Modern Business Development and Data Insights to Improve Campaign Performance

Generating enough qualified opportunities to achieve revenue goals remains a persistent challenge for nearly all organizations today. However, by combining the use of modern business development methods with advanced market intelligence resources, sales teams can grow pipelines and exceed their targets.

Recently, Sales Performance International (SPI) described how combining modern prospecting and messaging methods with market intelligence capabilities can fill gaps in sales pipelines. Timothy Sullivan, Corporate VP of Business Development at SPI and Erickson Tweedy, Data Specialist at Synthio explained:

· How modern prospecting and message development methods stimulate buyer interest

· How targeted messaging and market intelligence create effective “campaigns of one”

· How market intelligence resources help to identify ideal buyers

· How to discover trigger events that affect buying actions

· How a data health analysis can help you understand the current state of your database, and improve the quality of your lead generation programs

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