Evidence-Based Solution Selling White Paper

Will Your Life Sciences Salesforce Evolve or Get Left Behind? A Sales Performance International White Paper. A World of Rapid Change: Solution Selling® Meets Evidence-Based Medicine. It’s no secret that the selling environment in the Life Sciences industry has changed and continues to evolve. As regulatory and physician reimbursement changes take hold there is a fundamental shift in the business paradigm for healthcare providers. They are called to work as a team to lower the cost of care and generate better patient outcomes. If successful, then they participate in the cost of care savings generated from their effort. These changes to the healthcare provider business model are also impacting their expectations of sales representatives from Life Sciences industries like Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, Diagnostics, and Equipment.

Download this free white paper, which explains how life sciences sales professionals can adapt to buyer behavior changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other policy initiatives – and achieve success in the new era of health care.

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