Datasheet: Evidence-Based Solution Selling®

Healthcare solution providers are in the midst of a paradigm shift in their business model, which creates new expectations for sales professionals in the life sciences industry. 77% of physicians want sales representatives to be prepared for serious discussions of therapeutic options – 91% want salespeople to be prepared to use clinical studies and Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) facts.

To succeed today, sellers of life sciences products and services need to be more than dispensers of product information. They must also be prepared to help physicians solve business problems in their practices.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling (EBSS) is a repeatable methodology that gives healthcare industry sellers the skills and tools they need to succeed today. EBSS enables sellers to apply clinical expertise in a solution-focused selling approach, required to be effective in today’s life sciences marketplace. EBSS provides life sciences sales representatives with the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to establish their credibility and deliver patient-oriented solutions based on the needs and goals of the healthcare provider. The unique combination of EBM with Solution Selling gives sales representatives the situational fluency needed to improve their access, credibility, and market share with buyers.

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