Brief : ROI of VILT

The streamlined approach of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers a considerable ROI.
These benefits are being realized as leaders choose to maintain momentum by embracing a VILT solution now rather than waiting for the clouds to part.
In the brief, CEO Insights: Understanding the ROI of Virtual Instructor-led Training, John Elsey, President and CEO of Richardson Sales Performance and SPI, discusses the three key factors driving the substantial ROI of a VILT solution.
He explains why:

  • The absence of travel expenses means VILT solutions represent only two-thirds the cost of traditional in-person engagements.
  • A VILT approach enables a universal selling methodology across teams as leaders redeploy travel budgets to include more sales professionals in the training.
  • The accelerated pace of VILT and avoidance of travel means sales professionals can complete training in a way that minimizes the opportunity cost of time out of market.
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