Raymond Ivory – Manager, Operational Excellence & Sales Enablement : Blackbaud

Raymond Ivory from Blackbaud joined SPI as a guest speaker at the 2018 Customer Success Conference. There, he shared with the attendees how Solution Selling has fundamentally changed Blackbaud’s approach to how they sell.

Here is a small excerpt from Raymond’s presentation at the CSC.

When I started in sales enablement in Blackbaud, I worked for one of our largest business units. It was in a global function for the company. And that made it really hard to try to do a lot of the things that we’ve done in the past 12 or 24 months that has really made us successful.

We essentially took our priorities out of you know, what the president of that business unit wanted to do. We didn’t necessarily have a lot of the sales leaders aligned from a management perspective, so trying to get buy in from them was probably harder than it should be.

Over the past 24 months, Blackbaud, on the whole, has been largely redesigned into what our CEO calls Center of Excellence; sales excellence being one of them. We’ve got a new Chief Sales Officers, which sits on the executive leadership team with dotted line responsibility for all the sales executives at Blackbaud. Which has really made it possible to try to you know, roll out a lot of the sales processes that we’ll discuss today.

If we’re gonna say that you know, Solution Selling™ is the Blackbaud way to sell, as far as we’re concerned right, we’ve gotta mean that. If it’s the Blackbaud way to sell, we’re going to implement the same type of sales process across our organization. No matter you know whether it’s our larger or smaller deals. And granted, they might decide to apply that sales process, you know, deeper or wider based on how it’s most relevant for them.

Click here to read the full transcript of Raymond’s talk or watch the video.

Raymond Ivory Transcription


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