The New Standard for Developing and Enabling Sales Talent

April 5, 2017 – At SPI, we believe that improving sales performance requires much more than just a sales training class. That’s why we developed SPI-1, a revolutionary sales performance improvement platform for developing and enabling sales talent.

Decades of sales experience has taught us that to be truly successful, sales organizations must have the following:

  • Sales Process – Your sales process should reflect how customers buy from you
  • Competency Models – Clearly defined sales roles and competency models that define what good looks like for each role
  • Assessments – Assessments should measure current competency levels, job fit and progression to job mastery
  • Training Programs – A full sales training and development curriculum
  • Development Plans – Development plans should indicate where salespeople need the most help and will get the most value from training and development
  • Coaching Programs – A curriculum to develop sales manager coaching skills
  • Enablement Tools – Tools that enable sales staff to apply skills faster and with more confidence
  • Measurement Tools – Metrics that track accountability, progress and ROI
  • Analytics Tools – Analytics that provide leaders with visibility and insight

With SPI-1, you know exactly where your salespeople need to improve and how well they are tracking toward their goals. It’s everything you need to succeed in one simple, powerful application. SPI-1 is simply better, faster, less risk, and at a lower cost.

To learn more, visit or contact SPI today.

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