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One of the most difficult challenges for sales organizations around the world is creating and maintaining high levels of “situational fluency” for sales professionals. This has become increasingly difficult in a world of more rapid product innovation, development of new markets, more frequent product launches, and shrinking product life cycles make consultative selling increasingly difficult. Research shows sellers are not showing situational fluency as they engage with buyers. In fact:

  • 77% of salespeople don’t understand their client’s business issues
  • 70% of sellers are not prepared for consultative conversations

To be effective “consultative” sellers, salespeople need to have a reflexive ability to discuss each buyer’s specific business issues, what is causing them, and which capabilities are needed to address those challenges for the customer. 

Conversation Genius provides an innovative game that ensures sales professionals have a “reflexive” ability to conduct expert conversations with buying sponsors (across specific industries and roles).

An Innovative Solution to the Situational Fluency Problem

Master the Conversation

An innovative game interface allows sellers to attain conversational certification for specific buyers within industries.

The game will prompt sellers to select the matching pain with each industry and role combination. Next, they will match the appropriate reason to match the pain and finally, the appropriate Capability Statement.

Points are awarded when sellers move through the entire path from Pain to Capability Statement, certifying them in selling to specific industries and roles.

Accelerate Learning

Conversation Genius also provides an easy way for sellers to study specific business issues, their causes, and how solution capabilities address these client issues.

This self study and exploration mode is an easy way for sellers to increase their levels of situational fluency, research, and prepare for  sales conversations.

This self study mode will also prepare sellers as they engage in the Conversation Genius quizzes.

Leverage “What Good Looks Like”

Conversation Genius incorporates direct messaging input from marketing to serve up to sellers examples of ideal conversation models.

This messaging is stored in an easy to use library, providing marketers a powerful way to organize content based on industries and roles.

This powerful library also ensures all messaging content can be translated into local languages for users.

Witness Your Team Becoming Geniuses

Clear dashboards show your team’s progress as they become situationally fluent.

Leaderboards show sellers where they stand compared to their peers on their journeys to become situationally fluent.

Sales leaders can filter their views by a  variety of criteria to monitor the situational fluency by team. Further, sales leaders can drill into each seller’s progress to view their situational fluency progress by industry and role.


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