Create qualified opportunities and build healthy sales pipelines

Advanced Sales Prospecting (ASP) is a methodology for helping sales professionals to identify and create qualified opportunities and build healthy sales pipelines.
This methodology introduces sophisticated methods and skills for developing sales pipelines of sufficient volume and quality, to ensure achievement of goals and maintain consistently high levels of performance.
ASP focuses entirely on practical prospecting methods. It is not a territory or account planning program, but it is entirely complementary to those sales planning methodologies.

Standard version vs. Customized version
The standard instructor-led ASP workshop is a one-day program but it is modular and can be tailored to the unique requirements of each client.

Multiple Delivery Modality Options
ASP can be learned through live instructor-led training (ILT) workshops, or via virtual instructor-led training (vILT) sessions, either supported by complementary online eLearning content. We find that incorporating a mix of delivery modalities produces the best results for methods mastery and skill development.

Strategic Value
Advanced Sales Prospecting provides sales professionals with a repeatable and practical methodology and skills for generating a higher volume and quality of sales opportunities. The outcomes of this methodology are higher levels of revenues, increased sales goal attainment rate, more efficient use of business development resources, and more predictable future revenues.

For more information about the training content, you can download our Data Sheet which includes a topical agenda.

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