John Gardner – Strategic Account Management Association


John Gardner from Strategic Account Management Association joined SPI as a guest speaker at the 2018 Customer Success Conference and spoke on the topic of using Solution Selling to partner with customer to better understand their needs. Below is an excerpt from johns talk.

“I am a board member for Strategic Account Management Association, I’ve been a board member now, almost six years and, it’s just a great organization. It focuses truly on strategic account management and as I say strategic account management, I’ll delineate that from key account management that some people talk about or what I call key account selling and the difference is key account management and again anybody that worked with the sales executive council which was part of the CEB and now part of Gartner, there was all around key account selling and the objective was, what we want to do to the customers.

Strategic account management, it’s all about the customer and how do we partner with the customer. How do we enable the customer to be wildly successful. It takes a leap of faith. It’s a philosophical leap of faith that if I focus on the customer first, I focus on their business needs first, that I’ll actually get what I’m looking for which is increased loyalty, accelerated growth of revenues and improved profitability through those relationships. I wanted to talk a little bit today about our journey and how we’ve made … it’s an evolution for us, strategic account management is our third phase of our journey in account management overall.

Strategic account management is not for everybody. It’s a program that if you decide to go, you’re in it for the long haul. In our case, we looked at everything on the basis of three years forward, three years back and current year. You’re looking at a relationship over a seven year time span all the time and how do you keep moving that forward. In our case, top line revenue certainly were important to us. We had evolved, we had areas of our business that, our Fisher controls, our final control of business platform founded in 1880, global leader, global leader by a long shot, our Rosemount which is our measurement analytical arm of the business.”

Click below to read the full transcript of John Gardner talk or watch the video above.

John Gardner Transcription



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