Introducing SPI’s Voice of the Sales Force Survey Results

It is no secret that sales leaders and CEOs want to maximize productivity and performance for their sales teams.

However, many leaders struggle to identify exactly what their salespeople truly need to be successful. As a result, they make investments they hope will improve performance but too often don’t achieve the results they expect.

Capturing the “Voice of the Sales Force” gives the sales force an opportunity to be heard, and helps leaders identify and prioritize investment decisions that will accelerate performance results.

For these reasons, and as 2018 planning approaches, we sought to check the pulse of frontline sales managers and sales professionals to learn what they need to succeed next year. Seven hundred and ninety participants completed our online survey and provided sufficient demographic information to enable us to analyze different data segments.

Survey participants were presented with a list of performance improvement opportunities in four categories: Creating Demand, Winning Deals, Growing Accounts, and Managing Performance. They were then asked to choose the top three in each category they thought would have the greatest impact on their success in 2018. The results below are those that received the most votes in the survey.

Summary of Top 3 Findings by Category

  • Creating Demand
    1. Begin account-focused marketing directed at specific high potential target prospects
    2. Increase general awareness of our brand in the market
    3. Provide better qualified marketing-generated opportunities
  • Winning Deals
    1. Help me more effectively justify our solutions’ value to buyers
    2. Help me more effectively differentiate from our competition
    3. Provide more support for accessing executive-level decision makers
  • Growing Accounts
    1. Provide better content to stimulate cross-selling and upselling
    2. Help me improve my executive-level selling skills
    3. Provide a better account planning methodology
  • Managing Performance
    1. Reduce the amount of time I spend on non-selling activities
    2. Regularly share success stories and “tribal knowledge”
    3. Help me to better understand our buyers

You can download the full study by clicking here. For more information, please contact Dario Priolo (, SPI’s Chief Marketing Officer.

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