Improving Your Odds of Success with Performance Improvement Projects

If in your role, you’re responsible for the success of a sales performance improvement project, then unfortunately, the odds of success aren’t in your favor. But, we do have one key idea that will improve your odds.

Data Doesn’t Lie

Seventy percent of sales performance initiatives fail and don’t deliver the expected business results. Why is that? Well, these initiatives are all about change – but change doesn’t come easily for people. So, the key is to capture and measure change.

What to Look for

When it comes to sales, there are four types of performance data that will change and should be measured:

  • Knowledge
  • Behavior
  • Pipeline
  • Business Results

From top to bottom, they happen in order. The first thing that happens is knowledge – you teach somebody something. This is a learning and development initiative. You teach them what you want them to do. After you teach them, they should be applying that knowledge – they should try to change their behavior. And in sales, if you change behavior, the organization will see the impact in the pipeline. Then of course, you measure the business results.

Behavior is key

All four types of data are inextricably linked, but the most important is behavior. Why? Because it measures adoption. But, the challenge is that less than 10% of organization actually measure behavioral change. To improve the odds of your sales performance project meetings its goals, you need to measure behavior change.

You can measure this in two ways.

  1. There are 180 or 360 degree behavioral assessments.
  2. To really be able to tell if someone is following our sales approach and really doing what we want them to do, there are capabilities out there, such as automated playbooks and guided selling technology, that actually measures usage and adoption of the organization’s desired sales approach.

I’ve worked with organizations that have actually measured all four types of sales performance data with a very heavy emphasis on behavior. Those organizations have far greater success with their programs than those that don’t.

If you’d like to learn more about improving your odds of success with performance improvement projects, contact us at +1 (704) 227-6500 or email

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