Improving Channel Partner Productivity

Many of our clients rely on channel sales partners to generate business, either exclusively or in conjunction with direct sales resources. They often ask us how they can improve the productivity of their channel sales partners.

We typically find that low channel partner productivity stems from two possible causes:

  1. Lack of mutual understanding of the expectations for the business relationship, by the channel partner, the solution provider, or both.
  2. Lack of a clear agreement on how the channel partner and solution provider will work together to create value for customers.

Our Channel Partner Alignment Worksheet can help you establish a clear understanding of the expectations for your relationship with a partner, and for setting effective plans to work as a team – and generate more sales.

This worksheet is derived from work which we published in our book, The Solution-Centric Organization, and is based on a model that examines all the components required to communicate the value of a solution to a customer. Using this model, a Channel Partner Manager (CPM) can dialogue with a partner to determine who will manage each aspect of the business relationship and how they will do it.

Change the Conversation

Too often, the focus of dialogue between CPMs and their partners is on how much product should be sold – it is typically a quantitative negotiation. This is an important aspect to agree upon, but without setting clear expectations about who will do what between a solution provider and a channel partner, the sales projections are just guesswork. You need to settle on clear guidelines for partner expectations and engagement.

Download this valuable channel partner sales planning tool, so you can set clearer expectations for value creation, and help your channel partner achieve greater productivity – and more sales for both of you.

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