How to Create Buying Vision Without Alienating Prospects

You’re about to engage in a sales conversation with a prospect where a business issue or pain is known, or highly anticipated. Let’s recall that the guiding principle is to avoid jumping from that known or anticipated pain to an outright suggestion or potential solution.

Take Your Time

You have to diagnose the situation before trying to prescribe appropriate capabilities. There are several steps to do this and ensure an effective conversation. Make sure that you truly understand the scope of the pain by exploring how big it is. How far off are they from their goal? How long has it been happening and is it the highest priority to be addressed?

Explore the Pain

Figure out what the potential reasons might be for this pain. Keep in mind that it is important to seek their perspective before offering your own insight. With any answers they give you, ask follow up or quantification questions that can help you identify the scope of the contributing reasons. You may ask them, “Could another reason for your pain by this or that?” After diagnosing potential reasons for pain, take a moment to confirm with your prospect.

Ask them if they have any thoughts on how to solve the problem before trying to offer your own insight. If they say yes, then explore their ideas and get a thorough understanding of their desired capabilities.

You will want to eventually position how your capabilities can help. Position each capability and describe the advantage that each one can provide. Be sure to tie back to related reasons – this is where you describe the capability position. Then, you ask the prospect if it would to address the situation previously mentioned.

Finally, you can conclude the conversation by summarizing the capabilities needed with some form of confirmation. These are the key steps to setting up an effective conversation for creating a vision.

If your organization is having trouble with creating a buying vision, we can help – contact us for a free consultation: +1 (704) 227-6500+1 or email

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