How to Align Sales & Marketing in a Common Lead Management Process

How do you better align marketing and sales in the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) to Sales Acceptable Lead (SAL) hand off process?

Our Recommendation

We recommend having someone dedicated to having phone conversations with MQLs as they’re generated, and turning them into qualified SALs. This will allow you to gain valuable marketing insight, and use it to further enhance and refine your MQLs.

It will also help you to understand the MQL’s needs and which salesperson within your organization would be the best fit. You want to make sure to pick the best person rather than just the next sales rep in a rotation.

How to do it

Make sure to have a structured phone call with every MQL that is generated. There are some key elements to a structured call:

  1. Identify the source. Your MQLs may come in from varied lead generation sources. You want to make sure to capture that right off the bat – understand how your prospect found you.
  2. Deep dive into their needs. You want to understand their specific needs. Ask them how they learned about you, how they found you, and what they’re looking for today. Walk through those elements and ask quality qualifying questions. Understand how their need/pain flows through the rest of the organization and makes a negative impact.
  3. Capture important data. Make sure to get the data you need in order to qualify the lead as someone you want to send over to a salesperson. It might be the number of employees, annual revenue, etc.
  4. Understand the time frame and team. You want to make sure that you have an understanding of the decision time frame and the decision making teams that the organization may have. How will they go out and purchase your products/features? When do they want to narrow the field down and make a call? Then, you can get this into the right hands from the forecasting angle.
  5. Be transparent. No need to beat around the bush. Let them know right away that you want to be in touch with the right people within the organization, and that you want to make this the best overall buying experience for the prospect. Doing so will yield valuable marketing insight for your marketing team, and you’ll get the sellers into the right positions with the right kind of prospects, and have the least amount of resistance to the sale.

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