How Does SPI-1 Work?

Link Competencies to Business Results

SPI is really a very simple concept. It’s based on the idea of linking competencies to business. When we say “competencies,” we mean knowledge, skills, and abilities. This is something unique that’s never really been done before in the world of sales performance or sales effectiveness.

In other words, if I can determine which specific proficiencies of those would link to specific outcomes. Then, you can apply the kind of learning and actions that are needed to get those levels of competencies where they need to achieve the specific outcome.

Link Gaps to Learning

We can do exactly that with the SPI-1 platform. Once we know where the competency gaps are, we can link learning to it. Once we link the learning to it, we can then apply what we call sales process playbooks. Meaning, when they turn on their computers every day, while working with their CRM applications, right in front of them is an exact model of what they need to be doing from a process or a playbook standpoint along with all the actions. If, at any point in time, they’re not sure of how to take or apply one of the actions that needs to be taken, they can link to a learning or a short video that shows them what to do and how. That’s how the adult learners want to learn today.

Linking Analytics

Lastly, we link analytics to all three components so that management can know, at any point in time, the state of their talent. Is it where it needs to be? Where are the gaps? What’s the state of the learning? Are they where they need to be or are there gaps? How much further do they need to go? What are the state of the results? If I’m not getting the results, why not and what corrective actions should be taken?

The analytics really take the guesswork out. It uses data science and applies it, so that the manager doesn’t have to think. They should really know based on predictive science. Therefore, it’s a really simple idea, integrated into one simple concept that we call SPI-1.

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