Elements of Effective Customer Success Stories

Using storytelling as a device in selling may not be a new idea, but it is one that’s resurfaced in the last few years. Why is that? Well, neuroscience tells us that people not only connect with stories, but they remember them. So, storytelling can be very effective in many walks of life. But, what if we marry storytelling with the invaluable concept of a Client Success Story?

If storytelling is an engaging art form of relating a situation to someone, then that story usually has some structure to it, right? There is the central character, the plot (often centered on some conflict or challenge), the journey to resolution, and the ending. Let’s say that it’s a happy ending.

Storytelling around a Client Success Story should not just be entertaining. It should also follow a structure that invites prospective buyers to see how they might be a similar character in a future story – a success story.

Start Building the Story

Here is an idea for an effective Customer Success Story outline.

Recall the situation. Who, by role, was the success centered around? Recall the critical business issue driving the need for their action. Share the underlying reason or reasons for the CBI (or pain). Then, use action words and paint a picture of how the capabilities helped to address the reasons for pain.

The point isn’t to talk in detail about the product or services. It’s to truly help the recipient of the story envision how someone was able to do something different, thanks to your solution.

Finally, you pay off the story with the measured results that ties back to the critical business issue. The happy ending, if you will.

Detailed case studies about how you helped customers in complex situations may have their place in the sales cycle. However, we are talking about taking the core elements of a client success and relating them in a brief, engaging storytelling format. Make the listener not only truly relate to the story, but also want to know and hear more.

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