Do you have the data you need to coach your sellers to healthier productivity?

A few days ago, I spoke with someone who needed a bone scan. They were nervous about going through with the scan but knew that it was important to do. The bone scan was to help determine if this person has any cancer in their bones. Bone cancer was common in their family and this was a recommended periodic check-up. They were a little nervous, but the outcome turned out to be good news – all clear!

Here’s what really struck me about our conversation. After the bone scan, they were so excited about the guidance and coaching that they had received from their doctor, based on the analysis of the scan. They showed me the results and went over the doctor’s detailed recommendations. They felt really good and well equipped to stay healthy.

You see, this person had been doing bone scans every 3 years for the past 15 years. The amount of information the doctor had, due to the initial baseline data and regular assessments, set the doctor apart in providing expert guidance and coaching to this individual. It’s a real win-win, doctor-client relationship and simply a positive experience for everyone involved – doctor, client, and healthcare system.

Shortly thereafter, I’m speaking with a sales leader who wants to know if they should do a baseline knowledge and behavior assessment on their salespeople. (Disclosure: this is an offering that SPI provides). “Is it worth it?” was their question. I thought, “Well, it’s certainly not life or death.”

However, a few questions arose. Do you care about the development of your salespeople? Do your customers care about the development of your salespeople? Are your salespeople expected to grow? Are your salespeople expected to be a competitive differentiator for your company? Are your customers getting larger, your solutions more complex, and your buyers more demanding? Are these issues and trends expected to continue? Are you certain as to where to focus your scarce and valuable development dollars? If you answered yes to any of these, then the answer is truly that yes, it is worth it.

With a baseline of knowledge, behavior, and performance data on your salespeople that’s analyzed within the context of achieving a business strategy, you can begin to formulate meaningful role-based and individual development plans to accelerate your desired business outcomes. (Nondisclosure: this is also an offering SPI provides). Over time, with a cadence of periodic assessment and development, you build a rich foundation of information from which to provide expert guidance and coaching. Information to act on improves sellers, teams, managers, customer experiences, and results, much like what we saw in the mentioned doctor-client relationship story.

Salespeople grow and clients appreciate working with salespeople who are growing in their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and your company benefits from higher levels of productivity and sales growth. Like the doctor-client relationship, this is only a strategy for those who want to be around and successfully healthy for a long time. Assess, Develop, Adapt, repeat – a formula for long lasting success.

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