Individualized Sales Training Aligned with Immediate Business Outcomes

One of the most difficult challenges for companies around the world is to develop their sales talent in alignment with the business’s strategy, leading to measurably improved sales performance.

How do we know that investments in capability development are driving the right business outcomes? Conventional training takes a “one-size-fits-all” approach to sales training, typically ignoring the business’s strategy, seller’s specific sales role and skill levels.

This has become increasingly difficult in a world of more rapid product innovation, development of new markets, more frequent product launches, and shrinking product life cycles.In the face of such change, to measurably improve sales performance requires digital learning adapted to the needs of the business and individual.

That’s why we designed SPI-1, an online sales transformation platform, which is designed to recommend specific competencies and elearning assets based on the business’s strategy and which become individualized for specific learners. This competency driven approach provides measurable results, which you can visualize as you follow your seller’s learning journey.


Learning plans for Solution Selling training program

Skill development is essential, but revenue pressures are relentless and don’t go away while sellers sit through training. Many salespeople are part of highly distributed teams spread out across the globe. Tearing them away from their clients for an extended period of time is simply not an option. The same is true for sellers on the phone or call centers, where time off of the phone can mean lost revenue.

The SPI-1 platform’s online sales training programs include an extensive library of content, tailored based on your business’ strategy and individualised for specific learners. We use mobile-first technology to optimize the learning experience for sellers and sales managers on the move. Lessons are bit-sized, mobile, and multimedia rich to create an engaging learning experience.


If the goal is behavior change, how can we ensure sellers change how they operate when engaging in real opportunities? How can we ensure they use what they learned and can show a demonstrable improvement in sales performance? To fully modify how a seller operates in the day to day requires an agile, repeatable behavior change model – a model that focuses on development and reinforcement.

The SPI-1 platform incorporates a model that drives measurable performance improvement, which is also considered sales mastery. This model focuses on shepherding sellers through learning plans consisting of 3 phases with an additional phase for managers: Learn, Practice, Apply, & Coach. Through this model, your sellers and managers will learn core concepts, practice what they have learned through automated case studies, and apply each concept through assignments. This model ensures sellers are learning and experiencing reinforcement while also receiving expert feedback and coaching to ensure desired behavior is occurring.

Learn-Practice-Apply-Coach learning approach for sales teams


Library of micro-lessons on Solution Selling sales training

For many learners, regardless of the quality of the content, a single language solution will just not cut it. Concepts are lost and the overall experience could make sellers resistant to change. Learners, to really experience behavior change, require learning in their local languages to get the best experience. Further, to fully convey concepts also requires engaging multimedia, including videos, fully translated.

The SPI-1 platform’s online learning program includes over 100+ mobile mico-lessons translated into 7 languages to adapt to local needs. We use local resources to ensure translation accuracy to drive the best possible learning experience for a global audience.

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