Brad Thurman-Director, Sales Effectiveness : Return Path

At the SPI Customer Success Conference, we had a speaker named Brad Thurman from Return Path to talk about adoption, reinforcement, and certification. Here is his video, you can also download the transcription from the link below.

Here is a snippet of Brad’s background and his beginnings at return path.

Back when I was the ripe old age of 19, I started my career at a small company, you might have heard of them, UPS. So I was at UPS for about 13 years where I did everything from sorting packages to driving the package car, wearing my little brown shorts and my little brown socks.

I moved into, we have another fellow from UPS’er back there? Excellent. Oh, another one? Yeah, see? They’re everywhere! So once I hung up my brown socks, I moved into the business development side where I did marketing and I moved then, I got my first taste of sales trading.

So I was promoted to the sales training supervisor, so I boarded brand new trainers. I was certified to teach spin selling, does everyone? Probably a lot of people have heard of spin selling, real old school. Great program, to ask questions like really good stuff.

I then moved over to another small company called Grainger. I don’t know if you’ve heard of W.W. Grainger? So I worked for them for about ten years. I carried the bag. I was a sales leader. I moved into training. I went back to lead another sales team, and then they asked me to come back to lead a sales training team.

So at Grainger, we did the Richardson Group, as far as methodology. But mainly, we focused on Dimensions of Professional Selling, DPS, which is a guru company. And you’re probably wondering, “We’re sitting in SPI, why am I talking about all these other programs?”

Well, I’m talking about all these other programs, because that leads me to my time at Return Path. So you’re asking, “What is Return Path?” So I’ll let you read the marketing like, what is Return Path? But basically, in a nutshell, what Return Path is, is a company that helps email marketers.

Brad Thurman Transcription

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