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Brief: Gaining Virtual Access to Healthcare Professionals

The barriers between sales professionals and physicians are growing. Many healthcare sales representatives find themselves tapping into new skills not…

Brief: How a Sales Professional Becomes the Coach of the Buying process

Buying today is complex, and customers need more than a solution — they need a coach. Customers need someone who…

Brief : Four principles for Coaching in a Virtual World

For many, coaching is faltering at a time when it is needed most. The pandemic has left teams distributed, communication…

Brief : How Financial Advisors can develop a mordern approach to building a client base

Financial advisors are approaching a critical juncture. Factors like fee compression, market volatility, and complexity of investor needs have intensified…


In recent years, the viability of a defined sales process has come into question. Some consider a process to be…

Brief : Effective Virtual Selling

Effective virtual selling leverages both form and substance to drive the sale. The problem: Too much of the focus today…

Brief: Three Ways the Pandemic Has Rewritten the Future of the Healthcare Sale

Virtual selling within the healthcare industry is here to stay. While the logistical and financial benefits of this development are…

Brief: Perfecting the Virtual Discovery Call

A smarter approach to the discovery call can yield insights that rise to the level of a competitive advantage. But…

Brief: Finding Stability in the Second Half of 2020

To enjoy the eventual recovery from the global pandemic, sales leaders need to equip their teams to survive the present….

Brochure: Sales Process Design

With more than two decades of sales process development experience in hundreds of sales organizations, Richardson Sales Performance (formerly Sales…

Research: How Sales Teams Are Managing Strategic Accounts During the Pandemic

Recently, at Richardson Sales Performance, we asked more than 200 sales professionals and sales leaders how they are handling their…

Brief: Prospecting in a Changed Economy

Prospecting has become a high-stakes endeavor as sales opportunities become more tenuous than they have ever been. In our latest…

Brief: Engaging Healthcare Professionals with Evidence-Based Solution Selling®

To be effective today, healthcare sales professionals must develop the skills to establish their credibility and deliver patient-oriented solutions based…

Evidence-Based Solution Selling® Virtual Workshops

Communication between sales professionals and HCPs has recently gone from sporadic to almost non-existent as the healthcare industry experiences increasing…

Brief: Bringing Crisis-Relevant Solutions to Healthcare Professionals

Sales professionals need to rethink their approach when selling to over-worked healthcare professionals (HCPs) who need solutions that address immediate…

Brief: How Commercial Banks Are Reconfiguring Their Competencies for the Future

Commercial banking is facing a transition as the prolonged economic recovery ushers in a changed future characterized by a new…

Brief: The Five Questions Sales Professionals Need to ask to Develop a Relevant Message

Customer business needs have changed. Therefore, sales professionals must change their messaging. They must take the time to fully understand…

Brief: Revisiting Account Strategies for a Changed Economy

Economists, sales professionals, and buyers all agree that the economic recovery will be protracted. As a result, effective sales professionals…

Brief: Selling in a Crisis

Most opportunities in the pipeline are stalled, and there is no playbook on what to do. Sales professionals face losing…

Brief: Six Factors for Reassessing The Strength of Sales Opportunities

Effective sales professionals are getting strategic about where they focus their efforts. They are considering six key factors for reassessing…

Brief: Five Sales Leadership Practices For Navigating Turbulent Times

Successful businesses are discovering that strong leadership is among the last remaining differentiators. This differentiation is more important than ever…

Brochure: Sales Performance Tools Suite

Ensuring the continuity of best practices across the sales organization means equipping professionals with a range of tools embedded within…

Brief: CEO Insights – Understanding the ROI of Virtual Instructor-Led Training

The streamlined approach of virtual instructor-led training (VILT) offers a considerable ROI. These benefits are being realized as leaders choose…

Brief: The Three Psychological Principles behind Better Customer Service

Customer service has become a high-stakes challenge as the definition of “good” changes. Delivering effective customer service means doing more…

Brief: The State of Sales

Becoming the voice of reason means first understanding the customer’s situation, then adapting in a way that addresses the specifics…

Brief: Four Ways Retail Bank Service Professionals Can Maintain Customer Relationships

Economic challenges have left many individuals seeking financial solutions. As a result, retail bank service professionals have emerged as primary…

Whitepaper: Success In The Era Of Virtual Selling

The exceptions of today are fast becoming the norms of tomorrow. Even when economic factors return to pre-crisis levels, many…

Brochure: How to Build a Culture of Successful Sales Coaching

Effective coaching is critical for steering a team through a new business landscape. Sales professionals need direction, insights, and leadership…

Brief: How Does a Trusted Advisor Support HCPs during Challenging Circumstances

Global health threats have left healthcare sales professionals on the sidelines. Many sales professionals have responded by connecting with healthcare…

Brief: How Virtual Selling Leverages “Swift Trust Theory”

Trust building is a long-term endeavor. People need time to share experiences, fulfill promises, and reciprocate openness. But what happens…

Brief: Engaging the Six Personas of the Virtual Healthcare Sale

In recent years, sales professionals have faced an increasingly complex selling environment. Much of this complexity is due to the…

Brief: The Three Principles for Selling in a Virtual Setting

Virtual selling requires a significant shift in the use of traditional selling skills. People behave differently in a virtual setting….

Brochure: Virtual Selling Program

Our current operating environment demands a shift in the way we engage with and sell to customers. We no longer…

SPI-1 Product Brochure

Learn what sets SPI-1 apart from traditional sales training solutions and at a much lower cost.

Brief: Virtual Learning – Rethinking the Possibilities

Effective virtual learning does not require new technology — it requires using existing technology in a different way. Recent events…

Brief: The Four Benefits of Engaging In Virtual Instructor-led Training

Recent travel restrictions have leaders facing new challenges as they plan sales training initiatives. The answer to these challenges is virtual…

Brochure: Richardson & SPI Virtual Workshops

Sales organizations operating in an era of global instability are seeking solutions to continue salesforce development in light of travel…

Brief: Driving Sales Productivity in a Portfolio Company

Elevating the value of an already lean portfolio company means revitalizing the engine of revenue. That engine consists of the…

Checklist for Marketing Alignment

How Can Marketing Be an Effective Driver of Change Marketing can play a critical and powerful role in driving a…

2020 Selling Challenges Research Study

Download Richardson and Sales Performance International’s Annual Selling Challenges Research. In the report, we examine the biggest challenges facing sales…

How You Sell is the Last Advantage

Nothing is more energizing in sales than having a distinct edge –a superior idea or highly differentiated offering. But, brilliant new “insights” or product advantages have an increasingly shorter shelf life in today’s connected, real-time world. The average lifespan of a company in the S&P 500 has declined from 67 years in the 1920s to 15 years today.

eBook: The Three Skills For Selling With Agility

Agile sales professionals succeed because they can adapt. In Richardson and SPI’s latest eBook, The Three Skills for Selling with…

Executive Brief: Powering the Global Sales Engine

Digital Transformation is a Key Lever to Enable Global Capabilities To remain competitive in global markets with increasingly sophisticated buyers,…

Brief: Optimizing Sales Training for Outcomes

Selling skills are only as strong as the outcomes they deliver. Therefore, effective leaders seek sales training solutions that have…

2020 Sales Team Kickoff Checklist

Many of our clients begin each year with a conference for their sales team, in order to instill confidence, enthusiasm,…

Video: Why Today’s Competitive Sales Organizations are Highly Agile

In this video, Tim Sullivan, Corporate Vice President of Business Development at Sales Performance International, shares insights on structured ways to make an organization more agile.

3 Reasons Why Customer Experience is Key in Today’s Healthcare Market

It’s an exciting time for healthcare. The key to success for the modern seller is embracing the change and abandoning…

Webinar: Selling to Modern Buyers: Collaborative and Multifaceted Selling

Timothy T. Sullivan, our Corporate Vice President of Business Development has got a chance to share his knowledge and advice with the IRC Book Club on their recent podcast about ‘The Collaborative Sale’ – Solution Selling in a Buyer Driven World’ – a book written by Tim and Keith Eades.

Conversation Genius™ Introduction

Conversation Genius™ provides an innovative game that ensures sales professionals have a “reflexive” ability to conduct expert conversations with buying sponsors (across specific industries and roles). Download the presentation to learn more about Conversation Genius™.

The Sales Training Dilemma

Multiple factors contribute to limited behavior change (and sales results). This perspective explores these 4 factors and proposes a practical solution for the commercial leader to address each of them.

Podcast: How AI is Transforming Global Sales Training

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the fantasy it was a decade ago. From Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and increasingly-sophisticated chatbot software, to Google’s self-driving cars, AI is fundamentally changing how businesses and society operate. It’s also driving the future of B2B sales, according to Jürgen Heyman, CEO of Sales Performance International (SPI).

Five Best Practices for Sales Success in Today’s Healthcare Market

Reimbursements to healthcare providers are increasingly based on the value or outcome of their care rather than the volume of…

Sales Training Buyer’s Guide

Sales training programs can easily provide a return on investment of 50x or more. However, not all sales training is…

CRM and Sales Enablement: Bridging the Learning to Application Gap

Provide sellers with the tools needed to move seamlessly from learning to application.

Introducing Solution Selling 2.0

SPI’s Robert Kear, Tim Sullivan & James Touchstone share and discuss extensive research on how to change buyer behavior and how high performance sales organization are adapting to those changes in order to succeed.

STO Animation

Learn more about sales talent analytics from SPI.

Solution Selling® Performance Tools

Effectively prepare, execute, follow-up, and analyze with quality and precision Solution Selling Performance Tools provide easy to use guides for…

Radical Sales Transformation: Rewriting the Playbook

Sales organizations find themselves in a world that seems increasingly unstable and less predictable.  Highly informed buyers, globalization, technology disruption, and a myriad other factors have created a world of transient advantage.  A key indicator of an increasingly disruptive business climate is that the average tenure of a sales leader is less than two years.

Video: How you Sell is the Last Advantage

70% of CxO’s are ““extremely concerned” or “somewhat concerned” as to whether their company will still be relevant and competitive in two years. (Forbes Insights).

Executive Brief: You May not Have Time to Transform Sales

Sales organizations find themselves in a world that seems increasingly unstable and less predictable. Highly informed buyers, globalization, technology disruption and myriad other factors have created a world of transient advantage. A key indicator of increasingly disruptive business climate is that the average tenure of a sales leader is less than two years.

Beyond Sales Training Video

We help companies align performance development initiatives directly with their growth strategies to rigorously develop the capabilities that drive business results. There are six key essentials for creating a true, continual performance improvement system in today’s fast paced business environment. To learn more, spend three minutes viewing this video

How to Use Modern Business Development and Data Insights to Improve Campaign Performance

Generating enough qualified opportunities to achieve revenue goals remains a persistent challenge for nearly all organizations today. However, by combining the use of modern business development methods with advanced market intelligence resources, sales teams can grow pipelines and exceed their targets.

These Six Essential Steps Will Transform How You Sell

While U.S. companies are spending billions on corporate sales training and technology – they’re not seeing a requisite increase in productivity.* In fact, annual quota attainment is on a five-year decline, which led us to ask: Why are so many companies suddenly finding themselves lost in the “Bermuda triangle” of sales training?

Turning 33000 Employees Into an Agile Pharma Start Up

An agile sales process is necessary for companies entering a rapidly changing industry such as healthcare. Digital is changing almost every aspect of healthcare including pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution.

GE Healthcares Shared Risk Contracting

As health systems take on more ‘fee-for-value’ arrangements, their strategic suppliers may share the risk.

Does Sales Add Value in Healthcare

Regulatory change and industry consolidation have lead pharma companies to shrink their sales teams by 20% or more. This causes many to ask “Are healthcare sales representatives providing value in today’s healthcare environment”?

Are Pharmaceutical Makers Becoming Outcomes Companies

“Everyone in the U.S. [pharmaceutical industry] is, if not contemplating, actively taking strategic efforts to either mitigate and/or attempt to bear the risk,” says Dr. Ploszay whose team leads global efforts to leverage digital disruption as an organic and inorganic growth opportunity.

Establishing a Unified Sales Process Workshop

At #LTEN2018 Sales Performance International and Philips Healthcare hosted an interactive workshop led by Director of SPI Health, Brad Ansley, SPI Senior Sales Consultant Nick Maslanka and Mandy Dunnuck, Director, Leadership Development & Selling Skills at Philips. Learn how SPI helped Philips establish a unified sales process across an entire sales organization in just 12 months.

Brief: Sales Training Does Not Equal Sales Performance

As a global leader in sales training and performance improvement for nearly three decades, we’ve reached the conclusion that sales organizations need to fundamentally re-think their approach to performance improvement initiatives.

Population Health and the New Sales Paradigm

“No outcome, no income,” says Dr. David Nash, founding dean of the nation’s first graduate school of population health. He joins Brad Ansley of SPI Health to explore the emergence of population health and the implications for healthcare suppliers. They cover the buyer’s perspective on changing health system needs, shared-risk contracting and new selling dynamics.

Solution Messaging for Healthcare Data Sheet

Download a complete program data sheet.

SPI Health Corporate Brochure

Specialized sales performance solutions for pharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences companies. Download the complete capabilities brochure.

Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Skills Data Sheet

Create and win higher-margin opportunities in customer accounts.

SPI Life Sciences Practice Brochure

Learn more about our specialized expertise in your industry.

SPI INSIGHT: How to Win Large, Complex Deals with Greater Profitability and Predictability

Download a comprehensive eBook on how buyers have changed and how we must adapt.

SPI INSIGHT: Leading Sales Teams in Times of Change, Challenge & Disruption

Download a comprehensive eBook on effectively leading and developing your sales team.

Identifying Sales Training & Development Investments That Drive Learner Outcomes

Discover the tasks that training must be doing constantly in order to provide the most useful learning experience for salespeople.

What does a best-in-class sales talent development program look like?

Learn how a sales organization can make its training investments wisely.

The Sales Talent Lifecycle: A Sirius Introduction

Organizations taking a passive, traditional approach to sales talent recruiting often fail to achieve the desired results.

SPI INSIGHT: Driving CRM and Sales Enablement Success

In this article, learn more about how we can help you ensure that your CRM system aligns with your sales performance improvement objectives.

SPI INSIGHT: How To Get More From Your Core With High Impact Sales Coaching

Learn how to help your managers coach more effectively to your standards of excellence and keep your sales team’s performance on track in this article from SPI.

SPI INSIGHT: How to Select and Deliver Sales Training for Maximum Results

In this article, learn the critical distinctions between sales process, methods and skills.

SPI INSIGHT: Selecting & Developing Sales Talent With Employee Assessments

Learn the three features of top sales hiring assessments and discover if your existing sales talent can execute your future growth strategy.

Pharmaceutical Launch Effectiveness: How to Align Your Brand Messages for Launch

Learn what sales and marketing leaders need to be able to develop and deliver targeted, creative, compliant, AND impactful solution-centric messages to maximize product launch performance.

Pharmaceutical Launch Effectiveness: Which Skills Matter the Most?

Learn the skills that sales representatives need to be able to leverage the language of Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) when engaging in clinical conversations with healthcare providers (HCPs) and other stakeholders.

SPI INSIGHT: How a Top 5 Pharma Company Changed the NRx Launch Curve

Learn how one top pharmaceutical company beat the odds and broke the NRx trend after the 6 month launch window.

SPI INSIGHT: 3 Keys to Success for Sales Leaders

Learn the three keys to launch readiness for Sales and Marketing leaders.

SPI INSIGHT: The Art and Science of Unlocking the Full Potential of Strategic Accounts

Download this comprehensive eBook focusing on the importance of strategic accounts and how to make sure that you’re unlocking their full potential.

SPI INSIGHT: Creating Win-Win Strategies to Drive Channel Management Productivity

Complete the form to download a comprehensive review on creating win-win strategies.

SPI INSIGHT: Taking the Pulse of Big Changes in Healthcare Sales

A change in the market means a change in competencies and practice.

Vision Re-engineering Conversation Prompter

Engage in effective, insightful, collaborative conversations with buyers.

Vision Creation Dialogue Prompter

Create new opportunities through sharing compelling insight.

Pain Chain

Start using the Pain Chain to get a better picture of the connections between business pains within an organization.

Demand Creation Messaging Matrix

Start stimulating interest and beginning more conversations with potential buyers.

Personal Brand Statement Creation Template

Use this tool to help build and articulate your personal brand and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Buyer-Aligned Conversation Prompter

Start having better, higher quality conversations with prospective buyers.

Clinical Selling Competencies Gap Identifier

The new age of evidence-based medicine is upon us. Is your sales team ready?

Channel Partner Alignment Worksheet

Use this simple tool for ensuring improved alignment – and better sales results – with channel partners.

Simplified Pipeline Analysis

Download this complementary analysis template, to help you get the facts you need for a winning sales plan.

Sales Coaching Prep Worksheet

With this simple planning tool, you can be better prepared to coach and keep your sellers on track.

Micro-marketing Guide

Download a copy of a helpful chart showing what effective micro-marketing sellers do.

Four Types of Inside Sales Chart

Download a complimentary copy of a helpful chart showing the four types of inside sellers, and see how your sales team compares.

Differentiation Grid Template

With this useful template, you can help your sellers have more insightful and compelling sales conversations with buyers.

Decision Criteria Analysis Template

Help your sellers understand buyers’ criteria and priorities better so they can compete more effectively.

Food Chain of Value Guide

Evaluating sales opportunities from the C-suite perspective.

Stakeholder Analysis

Analyzing organizational politics in sales opportunities.

Sales Collaboration Plan Template

Reduce potential losses to “no decision” – or eliminate them completely – by using this simple tool.

Sales Conversation Prompter Template

Download this template to help your sellers prepare effective sales conversations.

Sales Presentation Prep Guide

Prepare for a Winning Presentation

A Smarter Way to Win RFPs

Download the white paper to learn effective strategies for tackling and answering RFPs.

How to Rapidly Improve Sales Performance in 6 Months

Learn the components of a sales results acceleration program.

SPI INSIGHT: Key Success Factors for Market Alignment, Launch Effectiveness, and M&A Success

Develop this unique skill set as it relates to 3 key industry initiatives: 1) Sales Alignment, 2) Launch Effectiveness, and 3) M&A Growth.

SPI INSIGHT: 5 Tips for Creating Sales Quotas that Drive Revenue

Your sales goals can be realistic, measurable, and achievable. Learn how.

SPI INSIGHT: Maximizing Market Share in the 6 Month Launch Window

In this brief article, Brad Ansley, Director of SPI’s Life Sciences Practice, describes what sales leaders need to do to prepare their sales teams for maximum launch effectiveness.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling White Paper

See how life sciences sellers can align – and win – with how healthcare systems are buying today.

Training the Sales Rep of the Future

TGaS advisors benchmark training services

Strength of Sale Analysis

Determine the strength of your sales opportunities using the Successful Sales Formula.

Opportunity Review Checklist

Objectively determine the extent and velocity of sales opportunities towards a win.

White Space Analysis Tool

Identify more sales opportunities in accounts with this useful exercise.

Territory Segmentation Analysis

Download SPI’s complementary analysis tool for segmenting accounts in a sales territory.

Get-Give List

Use this handy planning tool to identify potential exchanges of equal value for use in final negotiations.

Summary Assessment for Situational Fluency

Start identifying potential barriers and obstacles to a collaborative sales approach.

Simplified Territory Coverage Planning Template

Start your territory coverage planning by downloading this simple template.

Sales Projections Jump 25% to 30% after partnership with SPI

Create a Seamless Sales Process

Account Relationship Guide

How do the people in an account really see you?

Four Channel Partner Models Infographic

Manage your Sales Partners Effectively

The Age of Data-Driven Sales Talent Decisions

Hiring and Developing Sales Talent in a Data-Driven World

Acquiring and Developing Top Sales Talent

Can your sales talent execute your future growth strategy?

Industry Experts Discuss the Good, Bad & Ugly of Challenger Selling Model

Avoid the cost of failure by using Research-based analytics.

Webcast: The Six-Month Win for New Sales Leaders

An Example of the 6-Month Win

The Solution Selling® Fieldbook

The Solution-Centric Organization

Transform Your Revenue Engine to Market and Sell High Value Solutions

The New Solution Selling

The Revolutionary Sales Process that is Changing the Way People Sell

The Collaborative Sale

Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World

Make Winning a Habit

Breakthrough Techniques for Making Consistent Sales Growth A Habit

Hope is Not a Strategy

The 6 Keys to Winning the Complex Sale

Enable Effective and Efficient Sales Execution in a World of Hyper-Change

Adapt your sales process models with “playbook” technology

CRM in the World of Buyer 2.0

Professional selling has never been more challenging

How to Sell Value Instead of Commodities

Global Shipping Company Case Study

Major Account Planning – MAP Data Sheet

Major Account Planning (MAP) is a facilitated planning program for sellers/account managers/account teams who are charged with maximizing sales results…

The New Sales Leader’s Survival Guide

If you’ve spent any time in sales, you’ve undoubtedly seen new sales leaders come and go. The arrival of a…

The New Sales Leader’s Success Guide

We know the critical role a sales leader plays in the success of an organization, and that this role is…

SPI’s Comprehensive Course Catalog

This catalog describes standard versions of SPI capabilities, but we often adjust and integrate components to address the specific selling…

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