7 Simple Steps for Better Instructor-Led Sales Training

In SPI’s 25+ years of experience in delivering effective ILT, our clients consistently tell us that there are 7 key factors that have driven a great learning experience that ultimately impacts their sales results.

The 7 Key Factors

  1. We have a library of sales, marketing, and sales management training programs that allow learners access to today’s best practices.
  2. These programs are designed with today’s adult learner and instructional design in mind. Today, learners want to do, not listen. They want to apply to learn to real accounts and deals, and they want to work with peers and share their experiences.
  3. Learners want relevance. We work to highly tailor and customize your programs to reflect your real-world scenarios, terminology, and sales and operational systems. We integrate your own best practices because the programs are yours, not ours.
  4. Our network of certified consultants and classroom facilitators not only have experience in sales, management, and marketing across a number of industries, but they also know how to develop effective programs. They then facilitate those programs and maximize the learning and reinforcement experience.
  5. Our global presence not only allows us to serve you around the world with relevance to language and cultural considerations, but our depth allows us to help you roll out a training program to a large distributed number of learners in a very rapid fashion.
  6. Our dedication to production capabilities relieves any burden on you to have to create, print, ship, and manage classroom materials. We also offer alternatives such as workbooks and other media.
  7. Lastly, our dedicated logistical and customer success teams ensure a professional, successful engagement with clients from initial contact to workshop preparation, to success assurance and reinforcement activities, including reporting results.

There are the key factors that have worked effectively for us. Consider them as you assess the needs of your own instructor-led training program.

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