We give global companies a competitive selling edge by changing HOW they sell.

What We Do


We measure success by how well our customers achieve their sales goals. Driving real behavior change and measurable outcomes require globally proven curriculum, agility and acceleration through technology, and expertise to bring change to life in your organization. We integrate each of these performance enablers to meet the unique requirements of your business.


Solution Selling® in the Collaborative Era is a highly interactive training program for sales professionals, based on findings of buyer behavior research published in the best-seller book, The Collaborative Sale: Solution Selling in a Buyer-Driven World.

Sales Management & Coaching is a specialized training program for sales managers that enables them to forecast future sales accurately, manage sales team pipelines, review opportunities, develop individual sales professionals’ skills, and provide insightful opportunity coaching to win more business.

Solution Messaging is a repeatable and reliable methodology that enables marketers to develop differentiated positioning messages for their products and services.

SolutionSpeak enables business professionals to plan and execute high-quality sales presentations, which creatively capture the attention of a prospect audience with meaningful insights and demonstrate value by showing how to solve the audience’s problems – and the potential value of doing so.

Evidence-Based Solution Selling® is a repeatable methodology that gives healthcare industry sellers the skills and tools they need to succeed today.


In a world of increasing change and complexity, Solution Selling® places the customer at the heart of both buying and selling processes. Understanding how buyers buy enables sellers to adapt their behaviour accordingly, leading to shorter sales cycles, higher customer satisfaction and improved win rates. Solution Selling® is a world class methodology of proven concepts and techniques which empower sellers to differentiate themselves by how they sell. From territory and account planning, opportunity identification and management through to implementation and account management it offers practical and pragmatic guidance for all sales roles. Whether customer needs are large and complex, or short and transactional, Solution Selling® provides a consistent and scalable approach to drive greater efficiency through any sales organization.

We have educated more than 1.5 million sales professionals in more than 50 countries across 14 languages and can truly meet the needs of global enterprises. Our exclusive, 100+ module mobile micro-learning library is available in 7 major languages to further support our global customer base.


Multi-year, independent research demonstrates that our customers attain significant, year-over-year improvement in key sales metrics, including quota attainment, deal size, and time-to-productivity.


All aspects of our approach are adapted to align with your specific business and best practices to create a unique selling edge. We align development priorities to your sales strategy and goals, adapt learning to critical competencies, and focus enablement on high value capabilities.

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